Microeconomics for BIB (2016-2017)

Update about laboratories:

the problem with the laboratory room was solved: we were moved to room 003 Z1 which is larger. However, by the request of the Dean’s Office, we can accept only the students which are enlisted to the second semester. Below this post you can find the list of FIRST YEAR students who are enlisted to the course (we will include your ID numbers and abbreviated first and last name). If you cannot find your ID number on your group list it means that you did not fulfill your obligations as a students and simply speaking you are no longer a student. Please contact the Dean’s Office to address this issue.

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Wyniki egzaminu FIR niestacjonarne 2016/2017

Szanowni Państwo,

wyniki poniżej:

Najbliższe konsultacje: 13.02.2017 r. godzina 16:30 – 17:30 (119 B)

Informacje o poprawach:

Studia stacjonarne:

  • Poprawa studia stacjonarne: 13.02.2017 r. godzina 15:30 – 16:15 (119 B)

Studia niestacjonarne:

  • Poprawa studia niestacjonarne: 19.02.2017 r. 9:00 (104E)
  • Egzamin poprawkowy studia niestacjonarne: 19.02.2017 r. Styś – 11:00

Z poważaniem

Jakub Sukiennik

Microeconomics BSIF


Ladies and gentlemen,

here are the details of your assignment I wrote per your requests: https://goo.gl/dl1DNE

Here I will also publish other information about the course (including the rules, grading details and your final achievements). Stay put!

Here is the link to points you gain from workshops/laboratories: https://goo.gl/qqjxh4. Remember that the spreadsheet does not show everything yet.

Best regards.